Book Brigade Officially Kicks Off The Library Move

On February 22, 1999, over 600 people from the Central and Warrensburg communities formed a line across campus from Ward Edwards Library to a point on Clark Street directly across the street from the new library. The Book Brigade kicked off the moving of the library to the new building.

Dr. Pal Rao, Dean of Library Services, Provost Kyle Carter, Lynn Harmon, President of Board of Governors, and Doris Kirkpatrick began the book brigade by passing the 10 volumes of the Official Manual, State of Missouri (known informally as "The Blue Book") issued during James C. Kirkpatrick's tenure as Secretary of State. They were received on the far end of the line by Central President Ed Elliott and his wife Sandra Elliott.

Among the many campus and community groups attending were greek organizations, Warrensburg City employees, ROTC, and children from local preschools and daycare centers.

The hugely successful "passing of the books" allowed everyone to share in the excitement of the move. It had been estimated that at least two hundred people would be needed to span the distance from one library to the other. The turnout of over three times that many people in the cool damp weather illustrated the great sense of community at Central.

We believe Jimmy K., who loved this campus and community,
would have been pleased.