The Dean's Corner

Kirkpatrick Library: A Temple of Learning

On March 24th, 1999, Central Missouri State University dedicated a new temple of learning known as James C. Kirkpatrick Library (JCKL). The brand new thirty-million dollar library is a result of the dedication and hard work of Central Missouri's staff, friends and students. The imposing glass and steel structure will positively impact the academic culture of this campus for generations.

JCKL has two roles: a proactive role and a reactive role. In its proactive role, JCKL like its predecessor Ward Edwards Library, will continue the introduction of information and instructional technologies into Central Missouri's campus environment. It will additionally enhance access to information resources by developing collaborative networks to transport data and materials.

In its reactive role, JCKL will continue to meet the information needs expressed by the academic community. JCKL will continue to build local collections relevant to support the University curriculam. It will continue to provide access to collections located at other academic libraries through the interlibrary loan process. Above all, it will be a responsive organization which meets the educational needs of our clients.