Well Done!
Compiled by Tammy Lagutkina

Larry Dorrell presented the papers "May the Force Be with You: Ten Rules for Effective Instruction of Students At-Risk," and "I Could Have Missed the Pain but I'd of Had to Miss the Dance: Confessions of an At-Risk Student" at the Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education 12th Annual Conference on Students At-risk, March 8, 1999, Tan-Tar-A, Osage Beach, MO.

Larry Dorrell presented a workshop, "The Metamorphosis of Marian the Librarian: Images of the Profession," at the 30th annual Spring Conference of the Missouri Association of School Librarians, April 18-20, 1999, Tan-Tar-A, Osage Beach, MO.

Pal Rao assumed a three-year position on Missouri Secretary of State Rebecca Cook's Missouri Local Records Board. The Board promulgates records retentions statewide.

Larry Dorrell was a keynote speaker at the Alternative Education Summer Institute, July 27-28, 1999, Westin Hotel and Conference Center, Oklahoma City, OK.

Linda Medaris and Naomi Williamson were involved in the Missouri Bibliographic and Information User System (MOBIUS) meeting September 30 at State Fair Community College in Sedalia.

Mollie Lawson assumed the Presidency of the Missouri Library Association for 1999-2000 at the 99th Annual Conference held October 13-15 in St. Louis.

John Small presented the paper "Information Architecture: Designing Web Spaces," at the Annual Meeting of the Missouri Library Association, October 15th 1999, St. Louis, MO .

As a result of his activities as the chair of the Missouri Community Service Commission, Larry Dorrell was an invited guest of President and Mrs. Clinton for a White House ceremony held in the Rose Garden on October 20, 1999.

Tammy Lagutkina travelled with Chuck Petentler and Ward Sample to Saratov, Russia to recruit students and discuss establishing relationships between Central and several Russian universities.

John Small presented a lecture, "Information Architecture: Planning Data Structures" to the University of Missouri-Columbia School of Information Science and Learning Technologies class "Introduction to Information Technology," November 11, 1999.

Kathleen Weessies and Barbara Wales authored the article "Internet Policies in Midsized Academic Libraries," published in the Winter 1999 issue of Reference and User Services Quarterly.

Pal Rao co-presented "Organizing the Campus Information Resources for Maximum Effectiveness" at the 1999 Computers on Campus National Conference, November 12-18, Columbia, SC.