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Electronic Journal Search

This tool searches for electronic journals that JCKL has access to. These journals are located within our journal collection or within the databases that we subscribe to. The search results will provide you with holdings information as well as a link to the online edition of the journal title.

Find e-journals by title or ISSN:


Browse by subject:

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  • Some of the print journals held by the Library will appear in the subject lists. Consult Quest for more accurate print holdings information.

  • Some links within these lists will connect directly to the journal while other links may require you to search within the site to find a specific journal or article.

  • The availability of a particular journal title in a given provider's site or database is subject to change. In some cases the full cover-to-cover text of a journal may be available, in other cases it may be selected articles only. If the article that you are looking for is not available online or in the Library's paper or micro collections, you may request it via Interlibrary Loan.

  • Recent citations may have been added to a database, but there may be a lag in the time it takes to link to the full text. Therefore, if something recent you are searching for says it has full text but does not link, try again in a few days.

  • These resources are licensed for the use of current UCM students, faculty, and staff.

  • Notes on journal title sorting within the list:

    1. Capitalization is ignored
    2. Spaces sort before punctuation
    3. Periods and most other punctuation sort before numbers
    4. Dashes (-) are apparently stripped ("Al-Raida" sorts as "AlRaida", "AFX - NL" sorts as "AFX NL", "AFX-ASIA" sorts as "AFXASIA")
    5. Numbers sort before letters

    If you are unsure about a title that is an abreviation or an acronym, please check for it under all possible values. For example, the following three variations of a title would show up in different places in the list:

    • A O R N Journal
    • A.O.R.N Journal
    • AORN Journal

    The first two entries would be towards the top of the page, while the third would come after all of the An... titles.


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