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Lexis-Nexis Database

Lexis-Nexis is a wonderful resource for current news, business, legal, medical, congressional, and statistical information. You can access Lexis-Nexis both on- and off-campus. The Lexis-Nexis databases can be found linked from the Databases A-Z page and are differentiated by saying "Lexis-Nexis" in the providor column. If you are accessing the database from off-campus, you will be asked to enter your ID and password.

Most searches follow the same order. First, you must enter one or more keywords related to your topic and decide whether to limit your results by date, source, or another factor. Then a document list will appear with the most recent items listed first, and you can click on any title to view the document. Pictures or graphics from the original document will not be available.

Quick News Search :: Guided Search :: Search Forms

Quick News Search

The Lexis-Nexis home page defaults to Quick Info, which contains three search forms:

  • Quick News Search :: You can search by keyword and limit by a range of dates.
  • Get A Case :: You can search by citation or party name.
  • Company Information :: You can search by company name and limit by type of company (U.S. public or private, international, etc.) and by range of dates.


Guided Search

Guided searches provide many options to narrow your search. You can choose whether to search for terms in the full text of the document, or to narrow the search to words in the headline and lead paragraph. However, you can search more precisely with the following strategies.

Boolean Operators:

  • and :: search for two words or phrases that both must appear in the document (computer and virus)
  • or :: search for synonyms or similar phrases, (doctor or physician)
  • and not :: narrow your search by eliminating a set of results (mustang and not car)

Proximity Operators allow you to search for two words that appear near each other:

  • w/n :: requires words to be within ‘n’ number of words apart. For instance, computer w/3 virus will search for all documents that have computer and virus within 3 words of each other. Lexis-Nexis has w/5, w/10, and w/25 available in the search box, or you may fill in a different number.
  • w/s :: requires words to appear in the same sentence.
  • w/p :: requires words to appear in the same paragraph.
  • Pre/n :: requires the first word to be n words before the second word. (computer pre/2 virus)

Wildcards allow you to search for similar versions of the same word:

  • * (asterisk) :: replaces one character in the word. The search engine will find an exact match for all of the letters except the asterisk. (wom*n will find woman and women, bank*** will find bank, banker, or banking).
  • ! (exclamation point) :: replaces one or more characters at the end of a word. (litigat! will find litigate, litigated, litigating, litigator, and litigation).


Search Forms

Guided News Search: select a news category and news source, enter keywords, and specify range of dates.


  • Business News: same format as the Guided News Search, but results are limited to business topics.
  • Industry and Market News: news from over 25 industries
    • Basic: search by keyword, select industry and range of dates. Cannot limit to specific sources.
    • Guided: search by multiple keywords and designate fields, dates, and industry. Also, can select up to 5 specific sources to limit search.
  • Accounting Literature: search by keywords and specify source. Link to Tax Information.
  • Company Financial: search by company name, ticker symbol, or SIC code. Limit by revenue, assets, state, source, date, or additional keyword.
  • Compare Companies: compare companies by sales, net income, number of employees, or location.
  • SEC Filings: search by company, ticker symbol, or SIC number. Narrow by additional keyword, source (type of SEC report) or date.
  • Directories: search by keyword and select source and range of dates.

Legal Research

  • Secondary Literature
    • Legal News: articles from legal newspapers, magazines, and newsletters.
    • Law Reviews: articles from law reviews
  • Case Law
    • Get A Case (Federal and State)
    • Shepard’s Citations for U.S. Supreme Court
    • Federal Case Law
    • State Case Law
    • Area of Law by Topic
  • Codes and Regulations
    • Federal Code
    • Federal Regulations
    • State Codes
    • Tax Law
  • International Legal Materials
    • Canadian Legislative Materials
    • Canadian Statutes & Regulations
    • EU Law (CELEX)
    • Commonwealth and Foreign Nations
  • Patent Research
    • Patents: all U.S. patents from 1971-present
    • Class: patent numbers by classification
    • Manual: manual of classification of patents
  • Career Information
    • Martindale-Hubbell Law Directory Listings
    • Law School Directories
    • Choosing a Law School


  • Medical News: search by multiple keywords and select news source and date range.
  • Medical and Health Journals:
    • Basic: search by keyword, narrow your search by additional keywords and dates.
    • Guided: search by multiple keywords and limit by publication.
  • Medical Abstracts: search by keyword, narrow by topic, source, and date.


  • Biographical Information: search by name and limit by date and keyword.
  • Country Profiles: search by country, specify source.
  • Polls and Surveys: search by keyword, limit by additional keywords, population, survey sponsor, number of participants, and date.
  • Quotations: search by name or keyword.
  • State Profiles: search by state.
  • World Almanac: search by keyword and narrow by additional keywords.

Government and Statistical Information

  • Congressional: search CIS Index, Historical Indexes, Publications, Testimony, Bills, Laws, Regulations, Members, Committees, Inside Washington, Hot Bills/Topics, and List of Links.
  • Statistical Search Forms: search Power Tables Base Edition, Search Abstracts, and Links to other statistics websites.
  • Government Periodicals Index: Search by Subject, Search All Fields, Periodical Information, Links to government periodicals on the Internet.



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